Tacos from Leftover Chapatis

When we have leftover chapatis, tacos is a frequent go-to lunchbox option in our house. Not only do the leftover rotis/chapatis get used but we love this Indian version of tacos as breakfast or even an evening snack. It’s a quick recipe requiring minimum prep time which works great on a busy school day. Wheat … Read more

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Review and Photos

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Like most kids Devansh loves the indoor play areas and activity centers in malls. But we want him to have a connect with nature and enjoy outdoorsy picnics as well. Karnala Bird Sanctuary provides one such haven for nature lovers and it’s not too far from Mumbai. We have been taking Devansh to Karnala Bird … Read more

20 Home-made Baby-food Recipes

20 Baby Food Recipes by MumMumTime

Introducing solids to your baby at 6 months is a milestone not only for babies but for mothers as well. Searching for baby food recipes becomes a mission. Your mental equilibrium depends on how readily your baby eats all the food. Sounds about right, right? 🙂 Well, that sure describes my state as a new … Read more

Chilli-Mushroom Recipe

Chinese Style Starter, Mushroom Chilli, Stir Fry

This Chinese style chilli mushroom recipe was prepared by my husband Kalpesh. He loves cooking and experimenting with his recipes. When we eat out and he likes something, he’ll try to figure out the ingredients. He’ll watch the dosa guy intently to see how he’s making such thin dosa, what tava he’s using. While I’m … Read more