5 Simple Sandwich Ideas for Kids Lunch Box

5 Simple Sandwich Ideas – Toddlers’ and Kids’ Lunchbox Ideas
5 Simple Sandwich Ideas – Toddlers’ and Kids’ Lunchbox Ideas

These days we start sending our kids to school pretty early. Some toddlers start going to playschool as early as one and a half years old. Deciding what to give these toddlers in their lunchbox (tiffin) is tricky because it should be something they can eat on their own, plus be able to chew without too much hassle. Now while most parents strive to give homemade food in their toddlers’ lunchbox, sometimes we are just too crunched for time especially in the mornings. Sandwiches made using whole wheat bread and healthy fillings can come to our rescue at such times. Here are 5 simple sandwich ideas that will come handy for preparing toddlers’ lunchbox. These sandwiches can also be given to older kids for their short tiffin break. My 5-year old son has school for 3 hours, and these sandwiches suffice him for that duration. So here are 5 easy sandwich recipes which don’t take too much time. Ingredients used are minimal and soft which works well with toddlers.

5 Simple Sandwich Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Beetroot Sandwich

If you have green chutney and steamed beetroot ready, this sandwich shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. I usually have green chutney made and then frozen in bulk; I use it within 8-10 days. I steam (cook) the beetroot in pressure cooker the previous night, and then peel and slice it in the morning while preparing the tiffin. Although pre-cut vegetables save time, I avoid peeling and slicing beetroot the previous day. Because after cutting, vegetables start to lose nutrients.

Potato Sandwich

Same like beetroot sandwich, keep the steamed potato and green chutney ready beforehand. Cook the potato in pressure cooker the previous night, and peel and slice it when you’re making the sandwich.

Cucumber Sandwich

To save time, you need to have green chutney ready for this one too. Peel and slice the cucumber when you want to prepare the sandwich and this sandwich is ready in 5 minutes time. 

Jam Sandwich using Organic Jam

Kids love jam but most commercially available ones are loaded with sugar and contain chemical additives, preservatives, and color. So I prefer using organic jam for making Devansh’s sandwiches or chapati roles; I mostly buy mine from Fabindia.

Chutney Sandwich

You just need green chutney ready beforehand and you can make the sandwich within 5 minutes flat. You can view the recipe of green chutney here.


All the above sandwich recipes other than the jam sandwich require butter. It will save time if you keep required amount of butter out of the fridge the previous night. Butter at room temperature is easy to spread on bread.

5 Simple Sandwich Recipes | Easy Lunchbox Ideas Video

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