About MumMumTime

About MumMumTime

How it all began

I have always been passionate about food, eating that is. 😉 I enjoyed cooking occasionally but not on a daily basis. Besides, I was working and out for a minimum of 11 hours. So when I was home, I wasn’t really interested in slaving away in kitchen. But motherhood changed all of that. I chose to be a stay-at-home mom after Devansh was born. The cook still made food for the family, but I started cooking for Devansh after he started eating solids.

When I had to introduce solids to Devansh, like most new moms, I had many questions—what should I feed him, when to feed him, how much to feed him. It’s easy to turn into a nervous wreck when your child is just a few months old and can eat less than 1/10th of the food that adults can eat. I did get a list of dos and don’ts, recommended food and feeding schedule from Devansh’s pediatrician. I also got a lot of well-intentioned advice from relatives and family friends. But ultimately, you need to fine tune all that information to suit your child. It was a crazy phase. Like most babies, Devansh didn’t take to solids immediately. I will always remember what his pediatrician told me when I voiced this concern to him. He said couple of years down the line when he starts going to school, he’ll say he doesn’t want to go to school. Are you going to keep him home? You need to be patient initially, try to engross him with stories while giving him food. “Kau-chiu chya goshti saanga”, were his exact words.

Devansh & Me

I started my efforts with new vigor. I looked for more recipes so that Devansh didn’t get bored having same food. Searching for baby food recipes became my mission in life. All of my conversation with friends involved getting baby food recipes from them. I also turned to the almighty Google. I searched the Internet for “baby food recipes”, “healthy food for babies”, “6 month old baby food” and what not. I spent more time in front of the computer, looking up recipes than I did in the kitchen cooking for Devansh. I mean how much time does it take to cook a meal for a baby right? It takes far more time feeding your baby that meal; if you know what I mean. Seeing how obsessed I had gotten about feeding Devansh, Kalpesh—my husband—suggested I start blogging to share my recipes and experience with other moms. And that’s how the thought of this blog germinated in my mind. The journey of thinking to start a blog and its actual execution took almost a year. I started blogging when Devansh was 18 months old and I started to have some spare time on my hands.

About MumMumTime

Initially, I shared my baby and toddler food recipes. After a while, some of my friends, ex-colleagues, and readers started sharing their nutritious recipes with me. I began to post these Guest Recipes on the blog. Meanwhile, as Devansh was growing up I kept trying out different recipes to suit his age. And, thus the recipe collection went on increasing.

After posting nearly 100 recipes, I started wanting to share more than recipes. I had been sharing my experiences of products that I found useful on my Facebook page. I thought why not share detailed reviews on my blog; so I started writing reviews.

Meanwhile an online grocery shopping site contacted me to review their site, and I jumped at the opportunity. I mean there are literally hundreds of online shopping opportunities now for time-strapped moms. They would want to know more about the ones that are relevant to them. So from recipes to product and service reviews to fun giveaways, the journey of MumMumTime continues. And I want to thank each and every MumMumTime reader for making this a fun journey for me.

Mukta Tikekar

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  2. Hi Mukta, Very informative and friendly blog. I was randomly searching for food blogs for my baby food and found this one!

    Loved the simplicity of all recipes… would surely give a try for some recipes..

    Keep writing!


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