Banana Sheera Recipe

Banana Sheera Recipe
Rava (Semolina) Banana Sheera

If you are looking for healthy breakfast ideas, snack ideas, or weight gain recipes for kids, Banana Sheera recipe is an easy one to the rescue. And surprisingly this recipe is from my husband, Kalpesh. While I opt for simple and quick recipes, Kalpesh loves going the whole hog, adding a gourmet touch to everything he makes.

Kalpesh surprised us by preparing this banana sheera for Devansh at his snack time in the evening. Guessing the inspiration behind this sheera was not difficult. We had seen Minions just a couple of days back and we all kept saying “banyana”, trying in our best Minion voice. Kalpesh used the perfect props for the sheera pics. His colleague and our very dear friend, Bhuvan, kindly gives Devansh all the Happy Meals toys he gets. On some occasions, I wonder if Kalpesh is eating there and taking Bhuvan’s name to escape getting lectured. But anyways we, Devansh and me that is, were super pleased with this Minions Sheera.

“Me want banana” means “I am hungry” in Banana language (Minions’ language). So when you or your kids “want banana”, just add a little suji and milk to it, and make a healthy and yummy banana sheera. It’s super quick too. Let me know how you liked this yummy and healthy breakfast/snacks idea.

Banana Sheera Recipe
Rava (Semolina) Banana Sheera

Banana Sheera Recipe for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

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Banana Sheera is a sweet dish that ideally everyone enjoys. Here’s a sheera recipe modified to make it ideal for babies, toddlers, kids.
Author Mukta Tikekar


  • 4 elaichi bananas (baby bananas)
  • 3 tsp semolina (rava/suji)
  • 1 pinch of cardamom (elaichi powder)
  • 2 tsp homemade ghee (clarified butter)
  • approx 1/2 Acup milk (see note below)


  • Heat a pan, add ghee, and then add cardamom powder.
  • Add suji/rava, and roast it for about a minute or so till it gives out nice aroma.
  • Add milk and stir for about a minute till the mixture thickens a bit. (The mixture should be runny as you will be adding bananas to it later.)
  • Meanwhile, peel the bananas, and cut 2 bananas in small (approx. 1 cm) pieces. Kalpesh cut four slices to decorate the sheera and then cut the remaining bananas in small pieces. (Mash the bananas if you are making this sheera for babies or toddlers who may not be able to chew the pieces while eating sheera.)
  • Cut other 2 bananas and grind to a thick paste using a mixer. (Do this just before you need to add this paste to suji as bananas will blacken if you keep them aside for some time.)
  • Add the banana paste and chopped bananas after switching off flame.
  • Stir in the bananas so that they get mixed in sheera properly. (Don’t cook sheera after adding banana otherwise its taste gets affected.)


  • Use less number of bananas if you are making this sheera for babies or toddlers, depending on their appetite.
  • If you are making this sheera for babies less than a year old, cook this sheera in water instead of milk, and then add formula or breast milk to the cooked sheera. Avoid using cow/buffalo milk in your baby’s food till s/he turns one.

19 thoughts on “Banana Sheera Recipe”

    • Varsha while making sheera for Deansh I usually put powdered jaggery in it. I still try and avoid sugar whenever I can. In this sheera, Kalpesh said the sweetness of bananas was sufficient. Devansh ate it without a fuss so I’m guessing it actually was sweet enough. :) You can add some powdered jaggery towards the end (just before putting bananas).

  1. Hello dear just recently saw ur website I am very happy to see all the recipes for babies my baby is now seven month old kindly suggest me some good recipes to increase his weight please dear need ur help

    • Bananas and eggs are good for increasing the weight of your child. Ask your child’s paed when you can include eggs in your baby’s diet. I personally didn’t start eggs for Devansh till he turned one. You can add homemade ghee to your baby’s food like khichdis, daal chawal etc. Ensure that you maintain a regular schedule for feeding your LO and as long as long as the pediatrician says the weight is fine and your LO’s active don’t worry too much about weight. Here are some banana recipes:

  2. Thanks a ton…you are a wonderful person to provide amazing easy and nutritious recipies in such an organised manner.your blogs are direct from heart as while reading them I feel as if am listening to a close friend.I tried the rava banana recipe for my 10 month old baby and he really liked it.He relished the moong dal dalia.

    I would be following you for the variety of recipes .A big fan of yours already:)

    Warm regards,


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