Chaas Masala Powder Recipe

Buttermilk / Chaas Masala Recipe
Masala Powder for Chaas

A Family Tradition: The Legacy of Homemade Chaas Masala Powder

We use chaas masala powder, a mixture of ground spices made by my mom-in-law, on a daily basis. At lunch, Devansh and I have curd with chaas masala added to it. And then for dinner, we have chaas (buttermilk) with this masala added. I sometimes apply it to apples and give it to Devansh, if he’s being fussy about eating apples. This masala tastes yummy when added to dahi vada as well. I doubt if I would be using this masala so frequently in Devansh’s food if it was readymade. I am glad I can use it bindaas because my MIL makes it for us.

Beyond Buttermilk: The Versatility of Chaas Masala

While I most commonly use chaas masala powder with curd and buttermilk, its versatility extends beyond these dishes. I’ve discovered that it adds a delicious depth of flavor to a variety of other foods, including:

  • Fruits: A sprinkle of chaas masala on apples, pears, or even mango slices adds a surprising twist that kids love.
  • Salads: Chaas masala can be used to create a flavorful dressing for salads, adding a touch of warmth and spice.
  • Soups: A teaspoon of chaas masala can transform a simple lentil or vegetable soup into something truly special.
  • Marinades: Adding chaas masala to marinades for chicken, fish, or paneer infuses them with complex flavors.

From Mom to Mom-in-Law: Recipes Passed Down Through Generations

When I cook, I rarely measure the ingredients. But there are some recipes where the proportion of ingredients can make or break the dish. At such times, I need to look up the recipe; I can not recollect the quantity or proportion of ingredients from memory. But when I asked my MIL for her chaas masala recipe, she just rattled off the ingredients on the spot. Same thing had happened with mom when I asked her for the recipe of goda masala. These moms have been making such masalas for many years now, they just know the recipes by heart. Maybe, just maybe one day I will reach that level of expertise. But for now I am very happy that I have such wonderful moms who make these masalas and give me. Hope you’ll like this recipe.

A Secret Ingredient: The Power of Love and Care in Cooking

There’s something incredibly satisfying about using homemade chaas masala. While readymade options are readily available, they often lack the soul and freshness that comes from a recipe passed down through generations. My mom-in-law’s chaas masala is more than just a blend of spices; it’s a testament to her love, care, and expertise in the kitchen. Every bite carries with it the warmth of her affection and the joy of sharing her culinary legacy.

More Than Just Spices: The Flavor of Tradition

Chaas masala powder is a symphony of flavors, carefully crafted with spices that have been used in Indian cuisine for centuries. Each ingredient plays a specific role in creating the overall taste profile:

  • Cumin seeds: Add a warm, earthy flavor.
  • Coriander seeds: Contribute a citrusy and floral aroma.
  • Black peppercorns: Provide a touch of heat.
  • Dry ginger: Offers a subtle warming effect.
  • Cloves: Infuse a sweet, woody note.
  • Black salt: Adds a unique savory depth.
  • Roasted cumin seeds (optional): Enhance the overall aroma and intensity of the masala.

These spices, when combined and ground together, create a unique and complex flavor that is both familiar and comforting. If you’re looking to buy read-made chaas masala powder, this link could help you.

Chaas Masala Powder Recipe

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Try this homemade chaas masala powder recipe to enhance the taste of buttermilk. You can also add it to dahi wada to make it more tasty.
Author Mukta Tikekar


  • 250 gm cumin seeds jeera
  • One and a half tbsp black peppercorns
  • 100 gm kala namak Himalayan black salt
  • 100 gm powdered sendha namak rock salt
  • One and a half tbsp common salt


  • Heat a kadhai (pan) and roast jeera in it for 3-4 minutes, and then turn off heat.
  • Add black peppercorns in the kadhai and mix them with jeera using a spatula. (Make sure you’re using a metal kadhai, as it will remain hot for a while even after turning off heat.)
  • Allow the jeera and peppercorns to cool, and then grind them to a powder using a mixer.
  • Now, add all the salts in the same pan and turn on heat.
  • Stir the salts on low heat for about a minute till the mixture is nice and dry.
  • Mix the salts, and the powdered jeera and black peppercorns.
  • Sieve the mixture onto a dry plate, and then store it in a dry and airtight container. (This masala lasts us for six months, you may want to reduce the quantity of ingredients proportionately if you want to make it in lesser quantity.)

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