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In my blog, I have shared my recipes and those of other moms. In some of the recipes, we have provided nutritional information about the ingredients used. This information is general in nature and should not treated as a professional nutritionist’s advice. I have also provided age-wise labels for my recipes based on my experience as a mother. I would request you to use your pediatrician’s recommendations and your own judgment in deciding the right time to feed your children these foods.

MumMumTime Reviews and Promotions

This blog contains reviews, promotional content and affiliate links. This content is sometimes compensated in some form. In review posts, I express my honest opinions based on my experience of the reviewed product or service. In promotional posts, I present the information about the products or service as accurately as possible based on the information available to me from the manufacturer’s site or content shared by the manufacturer. I am not liable or responsible for any false claim or misrepresentation of the product or service from manufacturer’s side.

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