Fabindia Sauce Red Chili Garlic Hot n Sweet – Review

Fabindia Sauce Red Chili Garlic Hot n Sweet
Fabindia Sauce Red Chili Garlic Hot n Sweet

I like FabIndia’s food products because they’re either fully certified organic or are natural. Even the ones that are not certified organic, don’t contain (and I quote them) “any synthetic preservatives, colours, flavours or additives.” One of their most liked and used products in my household is the Fabindia Sauce Red Chili Garlic Hot n Sweet. Devansh loves this hot-n-sweet sauce despite it being slightly spicy.

I usually make him chapati rolls using this sauce and the chapati tones down its spiciness to suit kiddo’s palate. If I have to give tomato ketchup as an accompaniment in his tiffin, say along with paneer tikka or coriander cheese paratha, then I add this red chili garlic sauce to Flat Tummies Organic Tomato Ketchup I use for Devansh. I have reviewed the organic tomato ketchup before; you can read its review here. To get back to Fabindia Sauce Red Chili Garlic Hot n Sweet, here’s why I recommend it.

Why I like “Fabindia Sauce Red Chili Garlic Hot n Sweet”

Made using organic or natural ingredients

Fabindia products are clearly marked with 3-types of logos specifying whether they’re sourced from farmers that are fully certified organic, in the process of obtaining certification, or who use organic techniques but haven’t obtained certification. The yellow logo on the hot & sweet sauce means that its ingredients are “produced by small farmers who use purely organic techniques, but who have decided to not yet register for certification.”

Free of synthetic preservatives, colours, flavours or additives

This means I can use this sauce in my kiddo’s food with minimal guilt. Also, since Devansh likes it so much I don’t need to ration its consumption for the fear of unhealthy ingredients.

Comes in a glass and not a chemical-leaching plastic bottle

Today, most food products are packaged or stored in plastic containers. Increased plastic usage is causing a lot of health issues like thyroid disorders, cancer, infertility, and obesity. This is because plastic leaches harmful chemicals into food which impacts our endocrine system and hormonal balance negatively. Luckily, FabIndia’s hot & sweet sauce comes in a glass bottle.

Sharing below the video of my husband making chapati rolls using FabIndia’s “hot & sweet red chilli garlic sauce” and “apple and wild mint jelly”.

Video of simple chapati rolls for grownups and kids

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