Flat Tummies Organic Tomato Ketchup – Review

Flat Tummies Tomato Ketchup
Flat Tummies Tomato Ketchup

Devansh likes eating parathas with curd, dal, or ketchup. But when I give him a paratha in tiffin, I avoid giving it with curd or dal. Because Devansh, who is now five, is a bit of a messy eater. So if it’s parathas or patties in tiffin, then the accompaniment is always ketchup. I have made tomato ketchup for him earlier; I have even posted the homemade ketchup recipe on the blog. But I must confess my enthusiasm for making ketchup at home didn’t last long, and I had started giving him readymade ketchup. Now because it was readymade, I didn’t want to give him too much of it especially on a daily basis. Our man loves ketchup and would complain I am giving him too little ketchup. My dilemma and guilt ended when I found this organic tomato ketchup by Flat Tummies.

Why I like Flat Tummies Tomato Ketchup

Made using organic ingredients

Tomatoes as we know are always on the list of dirty dozens, which is a list of vegetables and fruits with maximum pesticide residue. So a ketchup made using organic tomatoes is definitely a good thing.

Preservative and sugar free

The ketchup doesn’t contain preservatives and refined sugar. It gets its sweetness from raisins, which again are organic.

Comes in a glass jar and not in a chemical-leaching plastic container

Plastic as we know leaches chemicals into food that affect our endocrine system and thereby our hormonal balance adversely. Increased plastic usage is linked to several health problems like cancer, thyroid disorders, obesity, and infertility to name a few. So it’s a no-brainer really to deduce that storing food in plastic containers, especially sour or acidic food, is harmful and should be avoided.

Flat Tummies Tomato Ketchup
Flat Tummies Tomato Ketchup

I have been using Flat Tummies tomato ketchup for Devansh for quite a few months now. Older kids and adults might find its taste a bit mild. I mix it with Fab India’s hot and sweet chili sauce, which again is organic. The only downside, if I can call it that, is that the ketchup costs considerably more than the regular ketchups available in the market. It is currently priced at Rs. 250 for 250 ml. But it’s a price I am willing to pay considering it contains organic ingredients, is free of preservatives and sugar. I don’t need to give Devansh ketchup sparingly. Devansh and I like this ketchup, and I would totally recommend it. Hope you found my review useful.

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