Khajoor Ladoo Recipe for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Here’s a yummy khajoor ladoo recipe from a fellow mom, Shweta. She says she would feed her son, Shantanu, a small ladoo every evening during winters. Shweta started giving these ladoos to Shantanu after he turned 10 months old. Dates are easy for digestion and provide us instant energy as they contain simple sugars. So I can’t wait to try this out for Devansh. Hope you all enjoy this recipe which is ideal for babies, toddlers, kids.

Khajoor Ladoos

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Yummy, sugar free recipe of khajoor ladoos, ideal as healthy sweet snacks for kids especially during winters.
Author Mukta Tikekar


  • 1 cup deseeded and finely chopped khajoor dates
  • 1 tbsp homemade ghee clarified butter
  • 2 tbsp sooji semolina
  • Pinch of elaichi cardamom powder


  • Heat a kadhai and add 1/4th of the ghee.
  • Add sooji and roast it on low flame till it turns light brown. (Ghee heats up pretty fast so add the sooji immediately after you add ghee to the kadhai.)
  • Add elaichi powder to the sooji and stir properly.
  • Turn off heat and set aside roasted sooji.
  • Heat remaining ghee in a non-stick kadhai.
  • Add chopped khajoor and stir till the khajoor become soft and mushy.
  • Now add roasted sooji. For toodlers, you can add powdered and roasted cashewnuts, sesame seeds and almonds to the mixture.
  • Stir continuously till the mixture leaves the sides of kadhai.
  • Allow the mixture to cool slightly and then mould it into small ladoos. Refrigerate the ladoos in an airtight container.


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  1. Super! Will try this too..keep it up Mukta, thx Shweta!

  2. nice ladoo…
    delicious recipe.

  3. Hi is there sth wrong vit the blog..I keep clicking on read more but it nvr gives me the complete recipe..the same pg reloads agn

    1. I tried…it's loading on my computer properly…try typing this URL in the address bar…it should work:

    2. Just checked from my mobile. There seems to be a problem like you stated. Will get it resolved…meanwhile try browsing from a computer if possible.

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