Mixed Grains Porridge Recipe

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Mixed Grains Porridge Recipe
Mixed Grains Porridge

It’s been a while since I posted a baby food recipe because these days I mostly make toddler food. But there’s this porridge which I’ve been making for Devansh for the past couple of months that is suitable for babies too. I have to thank Uma for giving me this amazing powder made of ragi (finger millet), red rice, wheat, green gram, moong daal, yellow gram, jawar, barley, sago, ground nuts, cashew nuts, almonds and flax seeds. Amazing stuff isn’t it!! Uma’s son, Vishrut is Devansh’s friend from playschool. Uma gave me this packet of mixed grains powder which she has been using for Vishrut for a long time now. Uma gets this powder from Bangalore and she’s been kind enough to part with two packets from her stock. She’s gone to Bangalore now and I’ve asked her to get some more packets for me. I’ve also asked her to get contact information of the lady who sells these packets, as of now this lady keeps these packets for sale with a pediatrician. If I get the details, I’ll share them on my Facebook page. Those of you who stay in Bangalore can buy it directly. Others if interested can check if she’s open to couriering it for you.

In the past, whenever I cooked porridge for Devansh, I used to mix the powdered grains in water first to ensure that lumps don’t form in the porridge. But Uma told me an interesting way to make this porridge; she lightly roasts the powder in ghee before adding the milk. The only downside she said is that lumps form in the porridge. Which I think is OK, you can smoothen them with a spoon as you are feeding your baby. Roasting the powder in ghee adds amazing flavor to the porridge; I’ve eaten it and loved the enhanced taste. I made this porridge in a regular pan the first time, and lumps did form. Second time I made this porridge in a non-stick kadai and I was able to make this without the lumps. I didn’t use non-stick cookware while cooking Devansh’s meals till he was 18 months at least. Till then I didn’t cook anything that required non-stick cookware. If you use it for making your baby’s meals, make sure you use non-stick cookware of good quality. You need to particularly ensure that the Teflon coating hasn’t come off. I have shared this link on my Facebook page. Please do read the “Cook-Smart Precautions” on page 2 of the article.

You can make mixed grains powder at home by washing the grains thoroughly and then lightly roasting them before grinding them into a powder. You can use grains of your choice but you absolutely must use ragi as it is very high in calcium content. Few days back, an ex-colleague shared this link of organic ragi satva (Wholesum Foods – Ragi Satva) on Facebook. I have not used this powder but it’s organic and it contains the wonder millet, “ragi”, so I thought I’ll share it here. If any of you moms use this powder, please do share your feedback with me and other moms by leaving a comment below this post.

P.S. I have got the address and contact number of the pediatrician’s clinic from where Uma buys the mixed grains powder. (Please store the powder in the fridge.) Here are the details:

The Children’s Clinic
#44, 7th Cross,
Mico Layout,
BTM Layout 2nd Stage,
Bangalore – 560076
Phone no.:(080) 41200874

Porridge for Babies, Mixed Grains Porridge Recipe

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When it comes to making porridge for babies, this recipe of mixed grains porridge is ideal and nutritious apart from being very easy to cook.
Author Mukta Tikekar


  • 3-4 tbsp of mixed grains powder You can make it at home or you can use readymade ones like Wholesum Foods – Ragi Satva. I’ve shared the link above.
  • 1-2 tbsp homemade ghee You can use readymade ghee of good quality if you don’t have homemade one.
  • Approx. 1 cup milk breast milk/formula for babies younger than one year
  • Grated jaggery or chikki jaggery as it’s easy to dissolve. Preferably use organic, chemical-free jaggery.


  • Keep a non-stick kadai (pan) on the burner, and add ghee.
  • Add mixed grains powder, and mix it properly with the ghee.
  • After roasting the powder for a minute or so add milk. (For babies younger than one year, cook the porridge in water and then add breast milk/formula to it later. (After step #5.)
  • Keep stirring till the porridge almost reaches the desired consistency. Try to smoothen out the lumps as you stir.
  • Just before the porridge reaches desired consistency, add grated jaggery and mix it well with the porridge, and then turn off heat.
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