Pratha Steel Dinner Set for Kids – Review

Pratha Steel Dinner Set for Kids - Review
Pratha Steel Dinner Set for Kids – Review

As we know plastic is bad for health, our and planet’s. I use steel plates and cutlery to give Devansh his meals. Mostly it’s been plain steel ones, without any attractive design on it that will appeal to kids. Sadly, there is no dearth of choice if you want to buy plastic plates for kids. But finding steel ones is a daunting task. I had managed to find a 3-section steel plate with some cartoon designs etched on it at one shop in a mall. But couldn’t find it there after I went to pick it up for a friend couple of months later. There was just no option for steel plates with kiddie designs. So when I saw this dinner set of steel plate, bowls, and a glass available online I knew I had to get it for Devansh.


This set comprises of a steel plate, two small bowls, one spoon and a glass, which has a surprise element. It makes a melodious rattling sound due to the ghungaroo (metallic ball) inserted in its base.

What I liked

The plate, bowls, and glass have cartoon characters like Mickey and Donald etched on them, which makes them attractive to babies, toddlers, and young kids.

The glass makes a melodious tinkling sound upon shaking it which kids, especially babies, will find delightful.

The set is made of steel, so unlike plastic you needn’t worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your child’s food.

What I would have liked

I would have preferred slightly larger bowls. The bowls are on a smaller side and will serve the purpose for younger kids. But kids above 5-6, who eat well, could do with slightly bigger bowls.


This 5 piece steel dinner set is available on Amazon at Rs. 600 (Rs. 520 + Rs. 80 delivery charges.)

In conclusion

If you are looking out to cut down on plastic and looking for stainless steel options of plates and bowls for your children, go for it. It is also a great gifting option for babies and toddlers. Instead of buying something made of plastic it would be great to gift them this steel set. Do take a look at the pics and video below if you still can’t make up your mind.

Steel Dinner Set for Kids in its Box
Steel Dinner Set for Kids in its Box
Board game on the other side of the box
Board game on the other side of the box
Received the dinner set carefully bubble wrapped
Received the dinner set carefully bubble wrapped

You can buy the steel dinner set from here:

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  1. So cute! Steel dinner sets became a popular choice greatly because they can give clean look as well as have the strength to last for decades. I will definitely buy this dinner set for my kids.


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