Shikran Recipe

Shikran Recipe, Banana Shikran

If you’re searching for recipes of healthy snacks for toddlers or kids, you’re not going to find one simpler than this shikran recipe. And yet for some reason it never struck me to give this to Devansh earlier. My mother didn’t make shikran at home; my maushi (maternal aunt) used to make for my cousins … Read more

Banana Sheera Recipe

Banana Sheera

If you are looking for healthy breakfast ideas, snack ideas, or weight gain recipes for kids, Banana Sheera recipe is an easy one to the rescue. 🙂 And surprisingly this recipe is from my husband, Kalpesh. While I opt for simple and quick recipes, Kalpesh loves going the whole hog, adding a gourmet touch to everything … Read more

Jowar (White Millet) Banana Sheera

Jowar (White Millet) Banana Sheera

Slumber, reverie, fatigue, or sheer laziness—I don’t quite know how to describe my state in the past month. Maybe it was a combination of all these and more that resulted me in not posting anything for over a month. And it was not for lack of content. Thanks to the involvement and enthusiasm of all you lovely … Read more

Grapefruit and Banana Salad

Grapefruit Banana Salad Recipe

By default, I am not very experimental when it comes to cooking. When I get bored of nutritious homemade food, I resort to eating out. But when it came to Devansh, I couldn’t possibly give him outside food. Thus started the journey of this mom trying out different baby-friendly and now toddler-friendly recipes. But there … Read more

Banana Roundies


When I started this blog in January this year, I had no idea that within 6 months I’ll be publishing the 50th post. When I started out, there were something like 15-20 recipes at most in my list. Frankly these many posts would not have been possible had it not been for the encouragement from … Read more