Tindora Curry (Daal) / Little Gourd in Lentil Curry

Tindora Dal (Little Gourd In Lentil Curry)

I must make a confession before I begin. The tindora curry that you see in the picture was supposed to be tindora sabzi cooked with some moong daal added in. But my cook added more water than needed and hence it turned out to be a curry instead of a sabzi. 😉 The recipe for the … Read more

Spinach Masoor Dal With Vegetables

Spinach Masoor Daal With Vegetables

These days Devansh has chapatis for lunch. Like all toddlers, he prefers to eat his chapatis soft—soaked in slightly watery sabzis or daal. Today I thought let me try giving him some daal cooked along with vegetables. As I was browsing the Internet for such recipes, I came across this interesting masoor daal and spinach … Read more

Varan Bhaat Recipe, Maharashtrian Varan Bhaat Recipe

Varan Bhaat Recipe (Maharashtrian Daal Rice)

Tons of baby food-related sites and elders must have already advised you that moong dal is easy for digestion than tuvar dal. I’ll second that. 🙂 However, as your baby grows older you will want to gradually start adding toor dal in his/her food. When your baby’s around nine months old, add a few grains … Read more