Valentine’s Day Special Breakfast Recipes

Eggs are my go-to option when I want to cook something healthy real fast. One can use the combination of eggs and bread in myriad interesting ways. So eggs and brown bread it was when I thought of posting fun, heart-shaped Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas. I have put up the video of 3 heart-shaped, egg recipes—fried egg, … Read more

Half Fried Eggs in Coconut Masala

Half Fried Eggs in Coconut Masala Recipe

My mom didn’t have a cook for daily cooking. But she had one who would come and cook when we had a large number of guests or if my mom had to go out somewhere. She used to make this desi-style half-fried eggs dish, which had onions, tomatoes, and grated coconut masala. I used to … Read more

Egg Curry Recipe

Egg Curry Recipe

Devansh took a long time to cultivate the taste for eggs. I really really (I probably should add one more “really” here) wanted Devansh to start eating eggs because it provides the much needed protein in the almost-vegetarians’ (eggetarians’) diet. Devansh didn’t like eggs initially but now he absolutely LOVES them. We don’t make eggs … Read more