20 Home-made Baby-food Recipes

20 Baby Food Recipes by MumMumTime

Introducing solids to your baby at 6 months is a milestone not only for babies but for mothers as well. Searching for baby food recipes becomes a mission. Your mental equilibrium depends on how readily your baby eats all the food. Sounds about right, right? 🙂 Well, that sure describes my state as a new … Read more

Gajar Aloo Sabzi

Ever notice how almost all kids love potato dishes? My kiddo loves it and so did I when I was a kid; come to think of it I still do. This aloo gajar sabzi recipe I am sharing in this post is inspired by my dad’s  batata rassa (curry) recipe. He would make it for us when my … Read more

Porridge for Toddlers, Oats Porridge with Fruits and Nuts

Fruity Nutty Oats Porridge

Sonia has been communicating with me in the form of comments, and messages and posts on my Facebook page since the past six months at least. She posted this recipe on my Facebook page almost 4 months back. It’s taken me this long to get her to say yes for posting this recipe on the … Read more

Jowar (White Millet) Banana Sheera

Jowar (White Millet) Banana Sheera

Slumber, reverie, fatigue, or sheer laziness—I don’t quite know how to describe my state in the past month. Maybe it was a combination of all these and more that resulted me in not posting anything for over a month. And it was not for lack of content. Thanks to the involvement and enthusiasm of all you lovely … Read more

Poha for Kids, How to Make Sweet Poha Porridge for Toddlers, Kids,

I have gotten into this annoying habit of taking afternoon naps. Now I know they say that afternoon naps are good for health; power naps provide a boost in energy and enhance your productivity etc etc… But when that nap stretches to over an hour it is too powerful for my liking. 🙂 I mean … Read more