Red Chilli Chutney/Sauce Recipe

Red Chilli Chutney Recipe

Red chilli chutney recipe made using red chilli peppers known as Reshampatti mirchi in local languages. Awesome accompaniment to replace ketchup.

Green Chutney, Hari Chatni Recipe

Green Chutney Recipe

Green chutney made using coriander, mint, chillies, ginger, lemon. A perfect accompaniment or dip for sandwiches and snacs such as samosa, vada, dhokla.

Gujarati Papaya Sambharo Recipe

Raw Papaya Chili Salad Recipe

This Gujarati style raw papaya sambharo or papaya salad is a very good accompaniment with sabzi-roti as well as Gujarati snack known as fafda.

Rajgira Bhakri Recipe

Rajgira Bhakri Recipe

Gujarati recipe of rajgira bhakri made with amaranth flour, which can be had during vrat or upvas days.

Besan and Palak Chilla, Pudla Recipe

Palak Besan Chila Recipe

Easy besan chilla recipe made using spinach, coriander, and gram / chickpea flour for a healthy breakfast or evening snack. The taste is even better when you cook the chilla using home-grown spinach.

Chaas Masala Powder Recipe

A Family Tradition: The Legacy of Homemade Chaas Masala Powder We use chaas masala powder, a mixture of ground spices made by my mom-in-law, …

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Lauki Sabudana Khichdi

Lauki Sabudana Khichdi

This is guest recipe is different from the other guest recipes posted so far. It’s prepared by me under the supervision of the guest …

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