Chilli-Mushroom Recipe

Chinese Style Starter, Mushroom Chilli, Stir Fry

This Chinese style chilli mushroom recipe was prepared by my husband Kalpesh. He loves cooking and experimenting with his recipes. When we eat out and he likes something, he’ll try to figure out the ingredients. He’ll watch the dosa guy intently to see how he’s making such thin dosa, what tava he’s using. While I’m … Read more

Mushrooms and Cheese-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes with White Sauce

These days we are super expressive about love on Valentine’s Day. We gift our loved ones roses, chocolates, jewelry, and what not. We literally “wear our hearts on our sleeves”. While reading about Valentines Day, I came across an interesting trivia regarding the origin of this phrase. Apparently, in the Middle Ages, during a Roman … Read more

Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

When it comes to food, Devansh and I have quite a few favorites in common—Kalpesh and I not so much. However, all three of us are crazy about mushrooms. So needless to say when I made this cream of mushroom soup, there was war. Being 3.8 Devansh always has an upper hand. “Nahi!! Maza soup … Read more