Dahi Poha Recipe (Flattened Rice with Curd)

Dahi Poha Recipe

The other day when I wrote the recipe for sweet poha porridge, I had mentioned that my mom has poha mixed with curd. Once when mom was eating dahi poha, Devansh grabbed her spoon and had some from her bowl. Mom said Devansh liked it and so I decided to make some for him. It … Read more

Poha for Kids, How to Make Sweet Poha Porridge for Toddlers, Kids,

I have gotten into this annoying habit of taking afternoon naps. Now I know they say that afternoon naps are good for health; power naps provide a boost in energy and enhance your productivity etc etc… But when that nap stretches to over an hour it is too powerful for my liking. 🙂 I mean … Read more

Poha for Babies, Poha Carrot Kheer for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Poha Carrot Kheer

Make a healthy kheer using poha, carrots and jaggery. This poha carrot kheer is ideal for babies, toddlers and kids. Few days back one of my readers asked if I could post more dalia recipes. This lady has recently adopted a daughter who’s one and a half years old. She said her daughter is underweight … Read more

Poha for Babies, How to Make Spinach Poha for Babies, Toddlers

Spinach Poha

When you have a baby who’s recently started eating food, one of the standard questions you’ll get is what are you feeding him. 🙂 And that’s how it was when I was speaking with my doctor aunty’s assistant. After she heard what I was feeding Devansh, she asked me why don’t you give him poha. … Read more