Whole Wheat, Oats, and Ragi Parathas with Stuffed Vegetables

Whole Wheat, Oats, and Ragi Parathas with Stuffed Vegetables

Paromita is one of MumMumTime’s oldest readers. I remember, she had commented on my curd rice recipe saying her kids had liked it. After that we have interacted on Facebook on and off. Recently, she posted a pic of really different looking parathas on my Facebook page. The parathas looked so interesting and sounded super … Read more

Porridge for Babies, Mixed Grains Porridge Recipe

Mixed Grains Porridge Recipe

It’s been a while since I posted a baby food recipe because these days I mostly make toddler food. But there’s this porridge which I’ve been making for Devansh for the past couple of months that is suitable for babies too. I have to thank Uma for giving me this amazing powder made of ragi … Read more

Ragi Khakhra and Coriander Khakhra

Ragi Khakra

Devansh’s preschool provides snacks so I don’t have to send a lunch box with him. Thrice a week, they provide hot snacks like poha, idli-chutney, thepla etc., and twice a week they provide dry snacks like masala puris and biscuits. On the biscuits days, I send a lunch box with Devansh as I don’t want … Read more

Ragi Laddu Recipe, Ragi Laddu for Kids, Ragi Oats Ladoo Recipe

Ragi Ladoos, Ragi Laddu

Ragi Laddu or Ragi Ladoo make for nutritious, dry snacks, ideal for toddlers and kids. Ragi is high in calcium, oats is high in fiber and proteins.

Ragi Dosa

Ragi Dosa Recipe

As I have mentioned in my ragi khichu post, ragi (finger millet) is a rich source of calcium which is good for development of children’s bones. My blog-related stats available with Blogger.com confirm that today’s mothers are well aware of the nutritional benefits of ragi. More and more mothers are searching for ragi recipes for … Read more