Chilli-Mushroom Recipe

Chinese Style Starter, Mushroom Chilli, Stir Fry

This Chinese style chilli mushroom recipe was prepared by my husband Kalpesh. He loves cooking and experimenting with his recipes. When we eat out and he likes something, he’ll try to figure out the ingredients. He’ll watch the dosa guy intently to see how he’s making such thin dosa, what tava he’s using. While I’m … Read more

Diabetics-friendly Cold Coffee Recipe

Diabetic-Friendly Cold Coffee Frappe Recipe

A small back-story to how this cold coffee recipe got created. Cold coffee, especially Frappe is a drink that my husband, Kalpesh, loves.  Now like all cold coffees, Frappe contains lots of sugar. Plus there is sugar added to whipped cream. Earlier, Kalpesh didn’t give much thought to the sugar amount in his coffee. That … Read more

Palak Paratha Frankie/Roll Recipe

Who doesn’t like a frankie? Easy to make and yummy to eat if you get the tangy taste of stuffing just right. Devansh loves frankies. We both like Tibb’s chicken frankies. At home, I make egg frankie for him and me. While my vegetarian husband makes them using palak paratha as a wrap with potato … Read more