Sweet Coconut Rice (Narali Bhat)

For me, Diwali sweets/savories have always been one of the best part of Diwali. We Maharashtrians call it “Diwali Pharaal”. I have fond memories of mom and Meena chya aai (our part-time cook then and now my mom’s friend) making karanjis and chaklis at home when I was a child. I was their little helper; … Read more

Tadka Rice (Phodni cha Bhaat)

Tadka rice (Phodni cha bhaat)

The other day after lunch, there was a lot of leftover rice and so I asked my cook, Prema maushi to make tadka rice or “phodni cha bhaat” as we Maharashtrians call it. When I was having it as my evening snack, I offered some to Devansh and he liked it. So afer a couple … Read more

Green Moong Dal Khichdi

Sometimes you don’t want to cook two different dishes, one for yourself and one for your baby. Or if you have two kids and one of them is a baby, you want to make something that both will enjoy. Khichdis come in handy at such times. You just need to spice up the khichdi slightly, … Read more

Vegetable Pulao for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

Vegetable Pulao Recipe

Already this hot and humid weather makes kids lose their appetite. On top of that Devansh had fever yesterday due to teething, which made him even more averse to food. He wasn’t keen on eating anything other than rice. For lunch I gave him plain¬†daal rice. For dinner I was going to give him moong-daal … Read more