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Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe
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Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

When it comes to food, Devansh and I have quite a few favorites in common—Kalpesh and I not so much. However, all three of us are crazy about mushrooms. So needless to say when I made this cream of mushroom soup, there was war. Being 3.8 Devansh always has an upper hand. “Nahi!! Maza soup […]

Sweet Potato Lentil Soup
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Soup for Babies, How to Make Sweet Potato Lentil Soup

My ex-colleague, Shilpi, is such an exuberant and enthusiastic person that her positive energy permeates even through Facebook. Shilpi’s regular updates about her activities with her children, Rishabh and Ryka, are truly delightful. She has been very encouraging about my blog right from the beginning and participates on my Facebook page actively. If you’ll remember, on my Facebook page, […]

Baby Food, Toddler Food Recipes

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Carrot orange soup (Image courtesy:  funwidfud.blogspot.in) After I started this blog, I got some helpful suggestions for recipes from my readers—well mostly friends, relatives, or ex-colleagues. ;-) Also while browsing the Internet I came across quite a few interesting recipes. Some such recipes and suggestions are good for smaller babies. Now that Devansh is almost 21 months […]