Gajar Aloo Sabzi

Ever notice how almost all kids love potato dishes? My kiddo loves it and so did I when I was a kid; come to think of it I still do. This aloo gajar sabzi recipe I am sharing in this post is inspired by my dad’s  batata rassa (curry) recipe. He would make it for us when my … Read more

Carrot Pasta in White Sauce

Carrot Pasta in White Sauce

I usually cut and pressure cook carrots in bulk and freeze them. This saves me a lot of time when I need to make something like sweet potato, carrot, and semolina porridge,  or carrot parathas. Sometimes I sneak this carrot in sabzis, not because Devansh is a fussy eater but because my husband, Kalpesh is. It … Read more

Beetroot, Spinach, and Carrot Chila, Pancakes

Beetroot, Spinach and Carrot Pan Cake

As I mentioned in one of my Facebook posts, Paromita is on a cooking spree. She’s trying out various kid-friendly dishes that are sure to catch even the most fussy-eater kid’s fancy. In fact if I just post Paromita’s recipes, I wouldn’t have to worry about blog content for a couple months at least. She … Read more